Complete Agriculture Solutions Provider under one roof
The backbone of any agricultural revolution is access of farmers to modern agricultural inputs. These agricultural inputs range from improved seeds, fertilizers and crop protection chemicals to machinery, irrigation and knowledge.

Machelva Agro Machineries and Services is a leading Agro Retail firm that has introduced the concept of Agriculture inputs malls in Manipur. Our agro centres served as one stop shop for farmers by providing Agri-Inputs including Machinery, certified seeds, cattle feeds, fisheries feeds, veterinary needs, pesticides, fertilizers etc and other agri allied products including Net Houses, Poly Houses, Drip and Spray irrigation etc. Under the umbrella of services, firm provides agronomic services including soil testing, crop inspection etc.

Facilitating agriculture needs
In its endeavour to be a complete agriculture solutions provider, the company had introduced its own retail chain of Agribusiness centers and Agri-clinics under the brand name of “Machelva Agro World”. This chain serves farmers by facilitating their all agricultural needs and provides free agricultural consultancy services ranging from sowing to harvesting of crops. The retail chain of Agro centers act as a one-stop-shop for the farmers and agri entrepreneurs of our state. We plans to scale up the existing center to all across Manipur within coming years at all districts. In short, company aims to provide exhaustive services pack to the farmers and it has a vision of reaching at that stage.

Our Partners
Farm Machineries
To have an economically viable agriculture practices farm mechanisation is the bread and butter for the progress of agriculture. We are authorised dealers of world class farm machinery companies of India.
Mahindra Tractor Ltd
Kirloskar KMW Agri Machineries Ltd
Kishankraft Limited
Shrachi Agrimech Ltd
Annapurna Agro International Pvt Ltd

Agri Inputs
We are authorised distributor and dealer and partner of world class companies
Mahindra Seeds
Mahindra Crop care including pesticides and organic fertilizers
Indo American Hybrid Seeds (INDAM)

Mahindra Samriddhi Soil Testing Laboratory
Why Soil Testing is required for soils in Manipur ??
The first step for a producer in accurately fertilizing a field is to collect a representative soil sample and send it to a laboratory for analysis. After completing the analysis, the laboratory sends the results back to you along with lime and fertilizer recommendations. The second step in accurate and efficient fertilization is to interpret the results correctly. Then you are ready to apply the necessary rates of fertilizer and lime to achieve optimum yields of your crops.

Due to constant and prolonged use of chemical fertilizers paddy fields of Manipur are seriously deteriorated and there is a high concentration of acidity in soils. Farmers are applying more and more chemical fertilizers years after years. Hence there is a requirement to understand the soils and accordingly systematic corrections have become an essential process for maintaining a healthy soil conditions and consequently for a healthy human consumptions.

We have set up a high tech soil testing centre with qualified professionals for availing these facilities by famers and those who are interested in farming.

Mahindra HZPC Certified Tissue Cultured Potato Tubers
Mission :
We have started a mission in the year 2016-17 “Eramdam gi Loubuk Hanghanlagumsi Mahindra HZPC Company gi Tissue Cultured Potato Tubers Tharasi Eramdam Alu Chaba Onaba Puthoklasi ( Mission : Let’s make our paddy fields green after paddy harvesting and let’s plant tissue cultured certified potato tubers let’s not grow cheap germinated kitchen potatoes of Bengal and Bihar to produce potato enough for our consumptio )”

After the Kharif season our paddy fields are lying vacant after the harvesting of paddy. We need to grow vegetables and pulses in our vacant paddy fields during Rabi season to make our state a self sufficient in terms of foods and vegetables. With the aim of motivating our farmers and land owners we have started a mission for plantation of Certified Tissue Cultured Potato Tubers produced by Mahindra Company and HZPC of Holland Country.

Why Certified Tissue Cultured Potato Tubers ??
Potato tubers we called Alu Chara selling in our local markets are not Potato tubers (Alu Chara Natte). These so called Alu Charas selling in our local markets are Kitchen potatoes harvested from West Bengal and Bihar.

All over India Potato Tubers from Punjab are used for plantation purpose since only Punjab is having the suitable climate for growing of potato tubers. No other state except Manipur uses germinated kitchen potatoes. The reason behind less and almost negligible yields of potato in our state is because of using kitchen potatoes for plantation purposes.

Average yield with the plantation of Mahindra HZPC Tissue cultured potato tubers are approximately one kg to one and half kgs per tubers of plantation. We could harvest at an average yield of more than ten times the quantity of planted tubers.

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